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Cookies policy

According to the new regulations, Perustocks makes available to the user the information related to the cookies used by the website and its reason of use.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device when you visit our website.

What are cookies for?
Cookies can have many functions, most of them to improve the user experience on the website by providing personalized improvements, obtain statistical information about visitors, improve the speed of the page ...

What cookies does the Perustocks website use?
The Perustocks website uses a unique self-cookie to identify whether or not the user accepts this policy and also uses a session cookie.

How do I enable cookies?
Most browsers on the market are set by default for the acceptance of all cookies, no action is required to give consent more than to continue browsing our website.

How do I block cookies?
You will have to configure your browser to block them, and we remind you that you can allow them in the same way.



At this time you are not identified on the web. To be able to make the purchase, you must first identify yourself, entering your email, password and the security captcha.

This website uses some cookies to improve your browsing experience and manage the user session. By using our services, you accept our use of cookies. This is our cookies policy.